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Yamaha YP-211 Turntable

I found this Yamaha YP-211 turntable while thrift store shopping in Atlanta today. It appears to be in good shape — electrical works, the motors move, and I hear audio coming into the amp. Nor is there any kind of physical blemishes to it.

It feels like a very solid turntable.  It has a nice hardwood case, a metal plate, and its mechanics appear very responsive.  Plus, the overall design has a nice modern look to it.

Unfortunately, I can’t use the record player yet as its belt was disintegrated. I ordered a new belt online today, but I’m concerned about the some of the residue from the old belt that is still on the metal plate. I attempted to clean it of with some cleaning spray, but there is still some material on the plate. Does anyone know if this residue will adversely affect performance of the turntable or cause an issue with the replacement belt?

I am also ordering a pre-amp for the turntable considering my modern amp does not have a phono input.  Older amplifiers with phono inputs raise the output of phono devices so its sound is equal to that of other devices around the same volume.  I’m considering the Art DJ II Phono Preamp.

I hope that it works so I can start to play records again and eventually rip them into MP3s!

Yamaha YP-211 Users Manual (PDF)


  1. Mark Williams says:

    Hi there Bobby,

    I just happened across your video. Have no idea how you young guys do all this computer stuff! Amazing!

    I have one of these YP-211’s coming. I am knowledgeable of turntables (being over 50 years old!).

    If you need any help with it, just write me directly.
    I can tell you anything you need about set up.

    I will need a manual. If you’ve found one, please let me know where I can download one for free, or send me a copy of yours please. I can pay for postage, etc. if it’s a hardcopy.

    Yeah, I’ve got to buy a belt also. Always a good idea with vintage gear.

    I have a serviceable phono cartridge I can send you until you get one. If you need it, just yell.

    Mark Williams
    Sayre, PA

  2. John says:

    Hey, I was looking through your video and I was just given a yp-211 and it appears its belt also disintegrated. I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me what to check for to see if everything else is in working order and whether it would be worth buying a belt for it and all.

  3. admin says:

    Hi John,

    In my situation, the belt was literally sticking to the plate. Time had caused it to break apart, so it was definitely time for a new belt. If yours is in pieces, I would recommend gettinga new one for sure!

  4. Joey says:

    The YP-211 was similar to the other mid-fi Belt Drive simi-auto decks of the mid-late 1970’s. In fact, it was right there with the Sansui SR-232, Pioneer PL-15D and of course, the WAY overated Marantz 6100. Guess what…They were all made by the same company, CEC, and rebadged for their respective mfg. It was really a matter of brand preference when you chose one of these tables. Often, if you bought the receiver and speakers, you would get the table for FREE!!!

    It’s an avarage table at best. Can sound really good if you take the time to properly mount and align the cartridge. The use of a proper alignment jig as well as a quality tracking force scale will make all the difference in the world. This is a Medium to High Mass arm so use carts requiering a Tracking Force of 1.75 grams or higher!!! Yes, 1.5 will work, but you’re best with a Medium Compliant cartridge.

    Medium Mass arm = Medium Compliant Cartridge…


  5. Tom says:

    Hey Bobby,

    $8 for this TT is a very good deal. Bought mine for a little over $100 in the late 70s. Thousands of listening hours later it is still hanging in there. Have been driving mine with a Yamaha amp from the same vintage, but am planning to dust off the vinyl, getting a decent phono pre-amp and running it through my Classe amp and Counterpoint pre-amp. Giving serious consideration into upgrading, but after 30+ years hate to give up on the old girl. Think you will enjoy your’s too.

  6. Bill says:

    I have a YP211 which I bought second hand in 1978 for £50 sterling, new price for one of these was £110 sterling, please can someone give an opinion of how they feel about this particular model, and what is their value today?
    Many thanks

  7. Tom Byg says:


    If your still out there… just cought up with your old discovery of the YP-211. I had just pulled my old TT out and have startd to look for both a drive belt and a cart.

    Love to here how your restoration went.Tom

  8. Tom Byg says:

    While I’m on the subject… if you evr find a pair of spica TC-50s ( ) get a pair of hollow speaker stands, fill um up with sand and spike em, find two Dynaco mk III power amps drive em by your referred pre amp (try all tube ) and there ya go…


  9. Eddie says:

    I have the YP-211 also but the arm and needle are on the right side on mine. I have had it since I was a kid back in the early 70’s as it was given to me. I remember back then a replacement needle cartridge was 20 or 60.00 cant remember wich. Ayway I am having a problem with the counter weight. When it weas given to me the there was a fishing string with sinkiers over a hanger behind the arm. There are two counter weights on mine…one is a round adjustable one and one is for the string with weights at the end. I was wondering what you are using for this?

  10. megan briones says:

    Hi guys!
    Just dusted off my father’s Yamaha YP211 which I have had in my attic in CT for years. However it took a bit of a beating on the flight to California. It doesn’t appear to be working, so I guess it is the motor? Also the dustcove broke, the metal thing that has the numbers on it came off (I think it goes on the end of the needle), I was very excited to have it and am really bummed out. I don’t know how to fix these things. Any advice? Should I bother to have someone look at it?

    BTW Mark WIlliams, Found a free link to a manual at you have to sign up for free and then you can download it.

  11. Diana Tong says:

    Hi Bobby,
    I have an old YP-211 table as well but the needle has broken off. I believe the cartridge is an BASF one but not sure. Do you know where I can get a replacement cartridge or perhaps a new needle for it? Thx!

  12. ldp diaz says:

    you need to do some reading and studying about tracking force etc
    look on google for michael fremeers guide to setting up turntables
    you might just go to google and type in turntable setup guide
    and do some reading on all of them. why are you waiting for a phono preamp
    when you can get receiver with phone at pawn shop for $25 and at least be playing
    then thing.

  13. Chelsea says:

    Hi, my dad just gave me his Yamaha yp211 and I really want to set it up and use it. It’s in really good condition and according to him, everything works perfectly, but I need an amplifier and speakers for it. I personally know nothing about turntables, so can anyone explain to me what exactly I need to get it working? (Specific models would help, or maybe some info on what to look for). Any advice would help!


  14. Ben says:

    I got a Yamaha YP-211 a little over a year ago. I had a buddy that owns a small independent record shop
    call me to let me know that he had just received a large private record collection with a turntable as part of a purchase. He knew I was looking for a turntable and so he called me. When I went to pick it up, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was still in the original box with all of the manuals and packing materials all in brand new condition. It was like it was never out of the box. It has a manufacturing date of 1982. Even though the original cartridge that came on it (Audio Technica ST400) was sounding quite good, I still wanted to upgrade it right away to modern technology so I put an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge on it, got it all dialed in, and now it sounds absolutely amazing! Such a nice turntable.

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