Angel’s Party Music Playlist

One of my best friends had a small, intimate gathering of a few friends last night and he asked if I would provide the music for it. It proved to be rather popular, so I’m providing the song list here. Angel was looking for some fun, upbeat electronic stuff with an emphasis on female vocalists. He’s not a huge rock fan, so I kept some indie bands off the list and added some R&B, hip-hop, and Latin into the mix. Basically, I tossed songs into a playlist and then set the iPod in shuffle mode. If you have some of these songs, you can download the iTunes playlist and import it into your iTunes library.  Here’s the track list: Read more

Yamaha YP-211 Turntable

I found this Yamaha YP-211 turntable while thrift store shopping in Atlanta today. It appears to be in good shape — electrical works, the motors move, and I hear audio coming into the amp. Nor is there any kind of physical blemishes to it.

It feels like a very solid turntable.  It has a nice hardwood case, a metal plate, and its mechanics appear very responsive.  Plus, the overall design has a nice modern look to it.

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